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I added images, showing that I now sell washable, sewn, FABRIC:

-home textiles like pot holders, tea cozies, aprons, oven mitts, appliance covers, even pins, like brooches, but they can hang as ornamentation, because I have a loop on the back, making the pins washable, because the bar pin back slides in and out. Oh, and I have hanging ornaments and sachets, door knob sachets.

-ladies accessories like totes, shoulderbags (I’ll be making diaper bags soon), headbands, and you can use the pins to use to ornament the headband, and wallets, which can be for men too, I can make billfolds.

-and then computer accessories / storage, laptop sleeves, cases, zippered covers, and velcro strapping, to “tame” cords, like my webcam mic showing on the page.
-fabric stationery, for weddings, showers and events. Fabric invitations, attendance cards, menu cards, acceptance cards…and even greeting cards can be made of fabric.

I use my inkjet printer to print onto fabric, and a solution called Bubble Jet Set 2000, which allows the ink to hold, when the printed fabric is washed. I print on white and pastel fabric. So, I can personalize fabric/products, print my designs/patterns/illustrations onto fabric, text onto fabric, etc.

Check out my site!


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