I’m passing along useful info, like I promised, bc I want to be one of those businesses that cares about not only her customers, but the world at large. So…




3 sites I found where you, the consumer, can buy a spray or solution to make your fabric flame retardant. And fairly cheaply, if I may say, from looking at the prices. Under $15 per bottle, in most cases.

My brother and his family were victims to their neighbors above their apartment having a fire, and the fire caused so much damage to my brother’s family’s things. The havoc that ensues after a fire is SO traumatic. 2002 was NOT my family’s year, that I can tell you.

And then, I just found out a colleague, who owns a frame store in Mass., suffered a fire in her shop.

Knowing this makes me think of helping others with securing their things, especially the priceless momentos. So, I am passing these sites to you to view. One of them, http://www.noburnnj.com I believe (could be flamestop.com), well one offers a spray for each kind of fabric, the other site offers fire resistancy to wood, and some other materials, besides fabric. I just found it interesting, and hopefully, soon, I will look into getting some to try it.

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