I designed tie frames for one customer (who is CLOSE friends with a certain political power couple- I’ll give you a hint- she’s ran for our highest office in the Federal gov’t…and her husband signed the photos of him and my customer’s late husband, that went in the frames I made for her), out her late husband’s ties. And then my customer’s neighbor just had me do a frame out her late grandfather’s tie. With the leftovers, what I call “tie flutter” and “tie innards” lol, I made a bunch of things out of the remaining scrap fabric. Since I made 15 tie frames for the first customer, I took the innards and flutters and made a sewn scrapbook cover, a doorknob hanging sachet bag with a heart accent, and a storage bag to hold the scrapbook in it, with a zipper. For the other customer, I used the tie innards as batting on the inside of the storage bag for her tie frame, and experimented by making a quilt patterned bag.

Also,  I want to get into tabletop design, designing china patterns and fabric, sometime in my life span. lol In 1993, for an extracurricular project, a contest that my intro to product design class participated in, we had to design a china pattern and a fixture, in 2d, and send it in to the committee. So, I shrunk those files and upload those images. And I uploaded the scans I did of the images from my portfolio, from my interior design classes.

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