At http://www.fabricatedframes.com/ , buy epatterns, instructions to make fabric photo frames, each $1 per frame size, emailed to you, in .pdf format, to print out, true size patterns to print out, and cut, to use as patterns for each part.  Go to:

You can get each size frame for $1 each, emailed to you, in .pdf format, for you to print out.  All in black and white / gray.  Sizes range from photos sized 1.5″ x 2.5″, 2.5″ x 3.5″, 4×6″, 2 for 5×7″ photos, and an 8×10″ photo. That’s 6 sizes, and you can get epattern instructions for either nonwashable, or washable, sewn, fabric photo frames.  That’s 12 PATTERNS available for $1 each, in .pdf format, emailed to your inbox, from fabricated_frames at yahoo dot com.  Soon, I will have a user and password protected page for each epattern, once purchased through Paypal,  for you to download, after you purchase the instructions throught Paypal, I would then be able to send you a user name and password to log in, to get the epattern to download and/or print.  You can download Adobe Reader for FREE at http://www.adobe.com/ to be able to get the .pdf files, to read them, and print them.

No shipping, since I am emailing the epatterns to you, and it’s a service.  And each .pdf is between 1 MB and 2 MBs, each pattern varies from 20 pages to 30 pages, for the bigger sized frames for 5×7″ and 8×10″ photos.

Purchasing is also available at www.fabricatedframes.com/PurchaseInstructionsForMakingRibbonRosesWashableSewnFabricPhotoFrames.html

Great for crafters, sewers, quilters, seamstresses, artists, designers, retailers, boutiques, fabric shops, picture framers, and more!

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