Check out my art on products at www.image-is-us.com/FabricatedFrames , like 4GB usb flash drive, school bag, memory card reader, chain purse, oversize office handbag, shoulder sling bag, business card holder,netbook case, throw pillow case, shoulder handbag, and much more.
http://www.image-is-us.com/FabricatedFrames/ReviewProduct.aspx?StoreProductId=24386087 Black toile design on 4GB usb flash drive $20.99

http://www.image-is-us.com/FabricatedFrames/ReviewProduct.aspx?StoreProductId=24432889 black toile netbook case $15.99

http://www.image-is-us.com/FabricatedFrames/ReviewProduct.aspx?StoreProductId=24432907 black toile shoulder handbag $41.99

http://www.image-is-us.com/FabricatedFrames/ReviewProduct.aspx?StoreProductId=24432931 black toile throw pillow case 18×18″ $13.99

http://www.image-is-us.com/FabricatedFrames/ReviewProduct.aspx?StoreProductId=24432932 black toile business card holder $8.99

http://www.image-is-us.com/FabricatedFrames/ReviewProduct.aspx?StoreProductId=26016177  Paris cityscape chain purse $28.99

http://www.image-is-us.com/FabricatedFrames/ReviewProduct.aspx?StoreProductId=26016178 school bag Paris cityscape $24.99

http://www.image-is-us.com/FabricatedFrames/ReviewProduct.aspx?StoreProductId=26016179 memory card reader $14.99 Paris cityscape

http://www.image-is-us.com/FabricatedFrames/ReviewProduct.aspx?StoreProductId=26016181 Paris citysape oversize office handbag $35.99 with black toile pattern on back

http://www.image-is-us.com/FabricatedFrames/ReviewProduct.aspx?StoreProductId=26016180 shoulder sling bag $20.99 Paris cityscape

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