Here are new products on my www.cafepress.com/FabricatedFrame profile- including a button pin, saying, “If a man can put the “Our Father” on the head of a pin, then… WE CAN DO ANYTHING” .  I think, that in our times right now, we need more words of encouragement, self esteem building, and positivity, so I created this button.  Soon, I will have it on a fabric, washable, sewn brooch, with a removable bar back pin.  I also added me images to my www.facebook.com/FabricatedFrames profile, a preview of the online catalog that I am making for my site.

More images from the catalog, soon!
Go purchase the .pdf epattern instructions, $1 per size, at www.fabricatedframes.com/WhatICanDo.html and at www.fabricatedframes.com/PurchaseInstructionsForMakingRibbonRosesWashableSewnFabricPhotoFrames.html for the kits

Go to
and at
$11 for the book, $7 for the download

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