custom art b Kristie Hubler on 5×7 feet area rugs at cafepress.com, frequently on sale

It’s amazing that http://cafepress.com offers so many products that can have custom art on them, especially home decor, accessories, and home furnishings. So, on http://www.cafepress.com/KristieHublersCafepressAreaRugs you can get my art on 5×7 feet area rugs, and 3×5 feet area rugs.  I’ve sold 2 so far, and each 5×7 feet area rug is regularly $172, but they are frequently on sale from 30-40% off, which is a great deal!  I promote any sales, on any given day, with promo codes listed on my http://twitter.com/fabricframes profile feed.  A few weeks ago, the 5×7 feet area rugs where on sale for $98, and on top of that, at the time, the customer could also apply a promo code for them to have gotten another 30% off!  I have all kinds of art and patterns added, all kinds of styles, colors, from inspirations of Paris and the Eiffel Tower, to wine and grapes, sports, horses, landscapes, patterns, interior perspective renderings, music, piano, pointillism, impressionism, nature, leaves, baby, sheet music, and more.  So check out http://www.cafepress.com/KristieHublersCafepressAreaRugs

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