Hi my name is Kristie Hubler, and I am an artist, product designer, fabric / surface designer, & inventor.  I would describe my art as girly, out of the box  …but I’ve created some concepts for guys, when the time is called upon to do so lolImage



I have soft hand to my work, I love bold color though.  My influences are, well, without question, Georges Seurat, for one, not just Parisian themes and the aesthetics of art in general, but the mechanics of the techniques in art, and how we see the world differently through new movements, new mediums.  I am enticed by flowers and berries, love texture, round, curvy elements, abstract squiggles & shapes, romantic notions, feeling.  My characters, animals, humans, and creatures are said to be more animated.  I love architectural features, I have an associate degree in interior design, love perspective renderings.

As the author of “Fabricated Frames: Instructions On Making Fabric Picture Frames”, and owner of fabricatedframes.com , available at lulu.com/spotlight/fabricatedframes and http://www.amazon.com/Fabricated-Frames-Instructions-Making-Fabric/dp/0557327792 , I have created a way to get my art onto fabric crafts, home decor, gifts, jewelry, accessories, kitchen textiles, & more, using June Tailor and Printed Treasures inkjet fabric sheet, and Thermoweb fusible web, fabric adhesive.  I have invented a way to make fabric picture frames washable, sewn – soon to be no sew, washable crafts, where the structure is multiple fabric panels fused with inexpensive fabric adhesive by Thermoweb, used as patterns and gives structure to the frames, sewn together ( no sew projects soon), ribbon, thread, mat board for slide out boards for the easel back and strut leg boards, and an office supply, acid free, clear sheet protector, that gets cut to the size of the photo and used as the protective photo sleeve.  I have also invented a washable, sewn, or no sew, fabric costume jewelry brooch pin, with a pocket for the removable pin back, and a back panel with 2 holes that holds the pin mechanisms in place. To top that, I then invented a house shaped oven mitt / pot holder, with a pocket in the front, ironing board fabric on the back, my art can be printed on inkjet fabric sheets, and seam binding edges the outside of the mitt, inside there is quilted fabric with batting between layers, and these pot holder trivets, along with the oven mitt gloves are very insulated.

I have sold my art on products, for sale on cafepress.com and zazzle.com –

art on area rugs, bedding, curtains, shower curtains, picture frames, oven mitts & pot holders, scarves, diaper bags, bags, 70″ round tablecloths, wine stoppers, Men’s slip-on shoes, neck ties, tie clips, pillows, money clips, jewelry,serving trays, Samsung 4 and other electronic cases and sleeves, flip flops, & more at  

art by Kristie Hubler on products such as kitchen towels, jewelry, postage, pillows, light switch covers, ties, binders, dinner plates, lampshades, bags, skins, cases, sleeves, leggings, sandals, pacifiers, & more at:

My fabric designs are available to buy by the yard, fat quarter, or swatch at spoonflower.com/profiles/fabricatedframes

My twitter.com/ArtHomeTextiles profile is where you can reach me, follow my work, see the sales at cafepress and zazzle, which are VERY frequent – we’re talking 30% to 50% off any given day, I post the coupon code updates through the day, daily. Be forewarned, I am a #hashtag-oholic! 😀
Thank you for taking the time out to read this, and if you have any questions or want to contact me, please don’t hesitate!

Thank you!
Kristie Hubler




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