Here is the news for the day, August 10, 2018, from me, Kristie Hubler art on products, patterns, download printables, fabric photo frames, plus other products / crafts, promo codes, sales, & other things

Hi everyone!

Well, I’ve been receiving a LOT of #likes & #follows on my #Facebook #fanpage #page at https://www.facebook.com/fabricatedframescom-210034089007997/ for @fabricatedframes.com, my page dedicated to my custom products on Zazzle at http://zazzle.com/fabricated_frames as I’m also a maker on Zazzle :

convertible frame pin ornaments under picture frames in home

brooch fashion lapel pins / buttons in jewelry / accessories

house shape kitchen pot holder oven mitts, also as hanging storage pockets, in home, with customizable pocket panels

which all can be personalized, customized, you can add text, change the background color, or add your own art or photography

Plus, it promotes my site http://fabricatedframes.com


WELL, my numbers have JUMPED …really high, like 30 plus followers and likes within 2 days, and my post views are up, nearly 45k percent! One post got 2.2k views! Another got 1.9k views! I’m happy, but I just want to know …why? lol I just want to know, “What did I do to get those views? And how can I get those for my other pages? Also, how can I get that to turn to sales? lol And I didn’t buy any advertising, or promote any posts, either. I promote more on my other Facebook fan pages, for @Fabricated Frames Fabric Art by Kristie Hubler at https://www.facebook.com/Fabricated-Frames-Fabric-Art-by-Kristie-Hubler-174748669331/, @Fabricated Frames at https://www.facebook.com/fabricated.frames, & @Craftsy pattern artist Kristie Hubler crafts sewing #download #printables at https://www.facebook.com/KristieHublerArtAndPatternDownloadPrintables/

Whatever I did to get those post views, again, I want to replicate, and make some sales from it!


Now, onto today’s daily posts


LULU.com self published books

@luludotcom #Lulu #Save on #shipping #Print #books #book #Free #USPS #Mail #Shipping #freeshipping or #50% #Off #UPS #Ground #Shipping #Ends #August13 #Monday #Code #SHIPIT18 http://lulu.com/spotlight/fabricatedframes #Fabricated #Frames #Instructions #On #Making #Fabric #Photo #Frames #Nonwashable #And #Washable #Sewn #Fabric #Photo #Frames By #author #Kristie #Hubler #Paperback $11 62 pages #twelve #patterns #six #sizes #sewing #patterns #papercrafts #papercraft #digital #download #ebook #available #notforsale $7 – also available on @Amazon #Amazon #book #notforale #Christmas #holidays #gift #gifts #makingit #makeit #today #tonight #August10 #Friday #August11 #Saturday #August12 #Sunday


Cafepress.com print on demand products, custom printed with my art

#HappyBirthday #Snoopy from #Peanuts #comics #cartoon #Cafepress is #celebrating #snoopys #birthday with a #25% #off #sitewide http://cafepress.com/profile/kristiehublerscafepress #promo #code #CPAUGUST18 which ends #August31 #Friday, #three #weeks from now, #today #August10 #Friday #2018 – great #custom #printed #homedecor #rugs #bedding #bath #shower #curtains #pair of #window #curtains, #apparel, #car #accessories, #ornaments, #mugs, #neckties, #device #phone #ipad #tablet #cases, & more, with my #art, #Paris, #EiffelTower #inspired, #landscape #painting #pointillism, #impressionist #paintings, #crown #tiara #graphics, #fruit #berries #blueberries, #wood, #music #sheetmusic #piano #keys #musicfriday, #tulips #garden #photography #photo #designs



CRAFTSUPRINT.com : UK / Worldwide site to buy card making, printables, download kits, easel frame cards, calendar sheets, A4 size / 8 1/2″ x 11″, paper card stock or washable inkjet printer fabric sheets, with or without my art formatted, by me, artist Kristie Hubler – have to spend 5 pounds or about $7 plus USD minimum in downloads

Well, I sold a Christmas card printable download!

Sold just in time for the Christmas / holiday season! Sold early this morning, http://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/folded-cards/blank-cards/merry-christmas-santa-and-child.cfm $0.90 or 70 pence

This is my MERRY CHRISTMAS – Santa and Child printable card sheet! Thank you whoever bought the download! I really appreciate it! Now, onto doing some more Christmas / winter holiday art! lol You can cut away the excess red borders, if you want. You won’t hurt my feelings lol And, you can shrink it, too, if you want.

Kristie Hubler



CRAFTSUPRINT offers a great deal every Tuesday and Friday, where if you spend 10 pounds or about $12.77 as of today, August 10, Friday, 2018, with today’s currency exchange from pounds to USD, you get a zip file download of about 30 downloads packed with printables, cards to print & make, kits, and sometimes some sewing patterns

Today, my convertible frame pin ornament, one sheet printable download, with all 6 panels on one A4 size or 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet, for my curvy plaid design, very girly, very pink, modern, abstract, slightly floral, with wiggles, curves, spirals, and dots inside a plaid framework. Here’s the story behind me making it …

Featured today in the email newsletter for Craftsuprint :
http://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/a4-items/ladies-accessories-a4/one-sheet-printable-make-convertible-photo-frame-pin-ornament-place-card-party-favors-with-6-panels-curvy-plaid-print-design.cfm one sheet printable make convertible, photo frame pin ornament place card party favors with 6 panels curvy plaid print design $0.90 US / USD or 70 pence GBP / UK free in Freebie Friday Vault when you spend 10 pounds or $12.77 USD Regularly $0.90 US / USD or 70 pence GBP / UK

I did this frame design for a 4×6″ photo many years ago, painting the design directly onto white cotton, which was attached to mat board with hot glue, before I invented the washable, sewn, & no sew, photo frames. I wanted to do some kind of abstract, modern art. Very feminine, folk art looking. I think the term is abstract expressionist, possibly. I was just doodling. Anyway, so I took the 2 ounce craft store squeeze bottle paints, mixed them with textile medium, and painted in the color, with the lines that I transferred from tracing paper, pencil on one side, iron on heat set ink transfer paint from Deka paints on the other, ironed to the cotton. Later, I scanned the frame, and tweaked it in Photoshop, to clean up things, make it look more digital, if you will.

This is a one sheet printable, for making your own 4×3″ convertible, frame pin ornament, for a 2×3″ photo, the kind popular with the new instant print photo cameras and smartphone portable photo printers, where the strut leg and 1 1/4″ metal brooch pin back (35mm long sold on Craftsuprint in Supplies) are removable / interchangeable. The side of the sheet gives you thumbnail photo ideas of how you can use the frame pin ornament. It is tabletop as well as wall hanging. You can use these as favors or place card holders, door or drawer knob hangers, gift tags, ornaments, tabletop small frames, name badges, you name it.

All you need are:
2 lengths of ribbon, 1/8″ (3mm) wide by 2 feet (2/3 meter) long, & 9″ (23cm) long by 3/8″ to 1″ (9mm to 2.5cm) wide
hot glue & low temp glue gun or acid free glue stick or double sided scrapbook tape, thread if you want to sew it, printing onto:
one sheet of washable, inkjet printer fabric A4 size (8 1/2″ x 11″)
or A4 size paper card stock
hole puncher or pointy, embroidery type scissors
acid free, clear sheet protector for removable protective photo sleeve, cut to the size of the photo, found in scrapbook album sections, art supply, craft store, stationers, office supply stores, big box stores

6″ hook & loop, sew on or sticky back Velcro
metal brooch pin back 1 1/4″ or 35mm long
1 foot or 1/3 meter of ribbon for hanging as an ornament

If you print this on washable inkjet fabric, just make sure that the inkjet fabric is labeled as washable. You can sew the outer edges of the panels together, but if you don’t sew it, its still made to be washable. Just take out the photo & protective sleeve, the metal brooch pin back, and place the frame into a lingerie bag, wash in the cold, delicate cycle, using mild detergent like Woolite or Dollar Tree Woolwash, no fabric softener. Then stand on a towel to dry, or hang with pant hangers with plastic clips, possibly hot glue snips of sponges inside the plastic clips, as to not make clip indentations in the fabric.

For paper or even Cricut printable vinyl, for paper especially, you can cover it with Therm o Web clear, iron on vinyl A4 size, or use laminating sheets, for a wipable surface.

Great for quick gifts, party favors, place card frames, or ornaments!

Thank you!
Kristie Hubler


In other news:

Follow Abby at http://whileshenaps.com for sewing patterns, the fabric business, small business help, quilting, and other craft related ventures, products, & features of other crafters & artists. She puts out an email newsletter update every Wednesday – highly recommend it!!!

I am currently working on my 2019 calendars. They will be uploaded for you to download soon, as A4 size or 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet printables at http://craftsuprint.com/krisite-lynn-hubler also at Craftsy / Bluprint at http://craftsy.com/profile/fabricated-frames

2019 calendar kitchen tea towels will be live soon at http://zazzle.com/fabricatedframes/kitchen+towels

As usual, I will be featuring my fabric bolts unraveled with my fabric font, fabric letters & numbers, that I used for my own logo at http://fabricatedframes.com, in a variety of colors and styles.



I offer a free download to make my convertible frame pin ornament for a 2×3″ photo!

http://www.craftsy.com/paper-crafts/patterns/free-fabricated-frames-frame-pin-ornament-pattern/615909 Pattern Download Free Fabricated Frames frame pin ornament pattern

Its FREE! Yes, its what I’m using for my business card – I am actually giving out photo frame pin ornaments as my business cards – unique huh! And, yes, it has all of my business info printed all over it, info on how to make it is also ON the frame panels. Its quasi business promotion, quasi freebie for you to make yourself, and EASY. I figured that if you can make this, you can, and will want, to make my other products / crafts / sewing projects, including print my formatted art for functional home decor frames, jewelry buttons pins, kitchen textiles, and even dog accessories.

That’s it for tonight!

Hope you all have a great night, and wonderful weekend, all who read this blog post!

I can’t guarantee that I’ll blog every day, but I will try to blog every few days.


Kristie Hubler, artist, inventor, product designer, ,maker of pattern download printables, author, and owner of http://fabricatedframes.com




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