This is a photo frame that I made, that sold (without my photo of course, lol) on cafepress.com/kristiehublerscafepress and it contains different art that I made, inspired by Paris, France, and the indoor shop facades of Paris Las Vegas resort, and pointillism.

Kristie Hubler, artist, licensor, and product designer using fabric, owner of fabricatedframes.com, where I design, make, and sell washable, sewn, fabric photo frames and brooches, oven mitts, dog accessories like dog t-shirts and jackets from owner’s clothing or bags and dog bellybands, home decor, gifts, ePatterns, patterns, kits, and/or instructions on making fabricatedframes.com products, zippered covers for scrapbooks and albums, wedding, baby, and event items, photo wallets and dvd/cd wallets with removable clear sleeves velcro’d in, kitchen linens, art and product licensing, interior design services, premiums, and more!

art on products at:
my fabric pattern designs at http://www.spoonflower.com/fabricatedframes  click on designs not for sale (for sale, soon!), including cut and sew, make your own crafts, gifts, and/or home decor accessories, with instructions and cut to size patterns with designs, on the fabric

sewing pattern download printables at http://craftsy.com/user/2496069/pattern-store for $2 to $5 per pattern download

www.lulu.com/spotlight/fabricatedframes – my DIY fabric photo frames instructions and patterns book, $11, for 2 structure types, non-washable, and washable, sewn, fabric photo frames, with patterns for the struts (legs) for 6 sizes for each structure type, and dimensions to cut all parts for all sized frames mentioned, patterns and photo step by step instructions for both.

Also available at amazon.com, just look for “Fabricated Frames: Instructions On Making Fabric Photo Frames”


cafepress.com/fabricatedframe , cafepress.com/KristieHublerFixingToolsShop , cafepress.com/KristieHublersTabletopDesigns, cafepress.com/KristieHublers_home_and_bedding, cafepress.com/KristieHublersShowerCurtainDesigns , cafepress.com/KristieHublerAccessories , cafepress.com/KristieHublerHomeAccessoriesDecor

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